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This is a neat little program that all you writers out there should take a look at.

I’ve only used it a little bit myself, but I can see how helpful it can be in writing a story. It provides a place for you to write down your characters, all your plot points, your chapters, settings, story lines, and any other ideas you come up with while writing, amongst other things. I don’t think I can really explain it best so I’ll leave it to the website to explain its features:

Storybook comes with 4 views:

  • The Chronological View shows the scenes sorted by date. Each strand has it’s own column.
  • The Manage Chapters and Scenes viewshows all chapters and their assigned scenes. Scenes can be moved and renumbered by Drag-and-Drop.
  • The Book View shows all chapters and their assigned scenes sorted by chapter and scene numbers, as you would read it in the final book.
  • The Reading View (a mode of the Book View) shows the text as in a final book. Strands can be shown or hidden.

Storybook helps you to keep the overview, especially helpful for complex stories with two or more plot-lines (strands). Imagine it as a kind of a interactive, dynamic mind map.

  • Strands (Plot-Lines): Each scene belongs to a primary strand. Optionally, other related secondary-strands can be linked to a scene.
  • Characters: Add, edit or remove characters and assign them to scenes. A character’s gender can be male or female, or you can add your own genders, too.
  • Locations: Add, edit or remove locations and assign them to scenes.
  • Tags and items: Tags and items can be assigned to scenes, locations and characters. The time frame can be defined by setting a start scene and end scene. A table overview shows all assigned objects.
  • Chapters: Define your chapters and assign scenes to them.
  • Parts: Large projects can be split into well-arranged parts.
  • Object Tree: A hierarchic tree shows all characters, locations, tags and items as well as chapters and their assigned scenes. Below the tree all important information about the selected object is shown. If scenes are missing or exist twice, a warning informs you.
  • Global Ideas: While writing authors have all kind of ideas that come up suddenly. No more Post-it needed! With the “Global Ideas” feature, you can save your ideas anytime and assign them to the levels “Not started”, “Started”, “Completed” and “Abandoned”.
  • Adjustable view: All views can be re-sized to fit to screen or to get a better overview. Even more working space is available if you hide the information panel with a simple click on the tool bar.
  • Task List and Navigation: The task list shows all scenes with a status other than “done”. With the “Go to date” respectively “Go to chapter” navigation you can easily jump to the desired date or chapter-number.
  • Spell Check: Your text can be checked for spelling. New words can be added to your personal user directory.

Visit the website and check it out!

aaah cool! I use Scrivener for bloody everything but this looks like it has a few interesting features too.



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It’s time to EDUCATE YO’SELF.

pumpkinonline is a farming and dating RPG game (inspired by Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing,



Track: Mayonaise
Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Album: Siamese Dream

When I can, I will

Try to understand

That when I can, I will

"My mother came to a Smashing Pumpkins gig once, and I was wearing a dress. She was very upset. She said, ‘Everyone’s gonna think you’re a fag.’ I said,’Well, they already think I’m an asshole." - Billy Corgan

Track: Today
Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins
Album: Siamese Dream

"I was really suicidal. I just thought it was funny to write a song that said today is the greatest day of your life because it can’t get any worse." - Billy Corgan


The Smashing Pumpkins, Siamese Dream era


Animated CD covers - Part 2


“[It was at a] local Chicago goth club called The Avalon. I was outside talking about a live band that plays there all the time and that I liked. Some asshole just butts into my conversation while we are standing on the sidewalk and says, ‘What the hell were you talking about? That band was crap and besides that, they were put together by a record company’. I said, ‘How would you know that. Can you tell just by looking at them?’ And he says, ‘I can tell by the way a guy jumps around on stage’. I said, ‘I jump around on stage and I wasn’t put together by a record company’. He says, ‘Yeah well, what do you do’. I say ‘I play bass’ and he says, ‘I have a band and I’m looking for a bass player. Here’s my number. Give me a call’. And that was it. My friends came and tore me away at that point because we were about to come to blows. It wasn’t as calm as it sounds. Looking back, if that happened today, I would probably just write him off as an idiot.” - D’arcy about meeting with Billy


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Pluto becoming a planet again: Yooooo

Ebola in the US: Nooooo


Man, someone fucked up bad.