Please don’t be mean to freshmen. Please don’t be mean to younger kids for no reason. It’s already difficult enough going through the transition process of changing schools. They don’t need you to be an asshole to them for no reason on top of that.

Once you’re a senior, you’ll feel different about this. Trust me.

I am a senior. 
And if you’re a senior you should ESPECIALLY not be harassing freshmen. you should know better. 





you know whatd be a fun exercise

get a writer and an artist together. artist does a sketch, writer writes a handful of paragraphs. they give them to each other.

writer has to write a handful of paragraphs on the scene depicted in the sketch, and it cant be just like, describing it. artist has to draw a new sketch from the writing.

it’d be a neat lil’ flex-the-muscles sort of thing. 




Jey Uso with his beautiful wife

Wow they going to make some pretty babies

They already have 2 adorable sons.

Anonymous inquired: Do you ship leorai


I ship my brother’s happiness.


Lines of gold from peterick fics


Peterick appreciation post


Pete so close to Patrick is just like painful

Like damn


i used to waste my time dreaming of being alive


I can’t even with this picture 💕



here are screenshots of funny things i found in fanfiction, mostly just stupid things i found funny but anyways here we go 

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5sos-baes inquired: Why can't we ask Patrick about Peterick


hi there! I talk about this a little bit on my blog info page but i’ll go into it more because there’s a fuckton of reasons and they all overlap. buckle up kiddo. also my comma key decided not to work right now so bear with me. THIS IS REAL IMPORTANT TO ME SO PLEASE READ IT ALL. 

*note: i use “you” a lot in here—i mean it in the general sense-not you personally. I’m going to try and answer your question as thoroughly as i can right now and when i talk about this it tends to make me kind of mad because i really can’t believe it’s even an issue so basically i’m going to get mad but i’m not mad at you. 

1. he ASKED people not to talk to him about it.

THAT SHOULD BE THE ONLY REASON ANYONE NEEDS BUT I’LL KEEP GOING. Okay. Here’s the thing. Patrick is really really good about interacting with fans. He’s polite. He’s tolerant. He’s patient. He does not owe you any of these things. He does not have to be that way. 

When people first asked him if peterick was real (which i still can’t believe anyone did) he was like what? me and pete are good. we talk regularly. (paraphrased from a tweet.) and then when people told him what it was—SURPRISE!—it creeped him right the fuck out. AS ANYONE WOULD BE IF THERE WAS EROTIC FICTION WRITTEN ABOUT THEM AND THEIR FRIENDS. 

Because Patrick is a literal angel???? Wow we don’t deserve him???? He’s said that he appreciates and encourages people expressing creativity by writing and drawing fiction and art about it but that he DOES NOT WANT TO SEE IT. (I can dig up the tweets where he said that somewhere if you want but there’s a bunch and i’m putting off walking my dog to type this so i’m not going questing right now but they’re real) A very very reasonable request. There. The community has its go-ahead to have as much fun as we want as long as we keep it far away from him. That’s fine right?? That should be plenty! Everything works out. Only no. People are terrible and continue to badger him about it. Which takes us to reason #2:


Say one of your friends has something they’re self-conscious or uneasy about—something they hate talking about because it makes them uncomfortable. Let’s back it up. Make that anyone—they don’t have to be your friend. Shouldn’t be too hard to imagine because most people have insecurities/issues/anything. You’re a good person—right? Using people skills you can tell that they don’t want to talk about that thing! So you don’t ask them about that thing! THIS IS ONE OF THOSE THINGS.

Pertaining to this—it’s pretty standard manners to not ask people about their sex lives especially if you don’t know them???? Doing otherwise suggests you have very little regard for them as a human being. On to reason #3.


Continuing to ask him about it despite the above factors shows a total lack of respect for what what he does; (I’m going to have to use semicolons from now this is so bothersome pretend they are commas) what he says; and it’s frankly degrading to him because you are ignoring his wishes and stripping him down to this one stupid thing that doesn’t even relate to his entire body of work. It negates any admiration you have for him and kind of says “hey! I don’t care that you are part of an insanely cool band whose music i love! i am reducing you to fill a role in my fantasy version of you which has nothing to do with what you’ve worked for or who you are; and directly conflicts with your wishes.”

and. man. that’s not cool. we all love and respect the hell out of patrick. it’d be pretty rad if everyone acted like it. 

~*~*segue to reason #4*~*~


EVERYONE!!! NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE!!!!! FAMOUS OR NOT FAMOUS!!!!! HAS!!! THE!!!!! RIGHT!!!!!! TO PRIVACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


THE BOY COULD FUCK SIX GROUPIES; ANDY; AND A ROLLED UP PIZZA EVERY FUCKING NIGHT AND IT STILL WOULDN’T BE ANYONE’S GODDAMN BUSINESS except maybe a therapist’s because that would be pretty weird. and anyway—besides ALL OF THAT—we kind of already know who he’s sleeping with? because reason #5 is called


Their names are Elisa and Meagan and they are respectively Patrick’s wife and Pete’s girlfriend/soon to be baby mama. Elisa doesn’t show up a ton in pictures because patrick doesn’t post too many but MEAGAN and PETE never STOP posting pics of one another. 

REGARDLESS. They’re both in relationships that they’ve publicly acknowledged being very happy in. Any vocalizations to them about how they shouldn’t be in those relationships is disrespectful to that happiness as well as insulting to BOTH people in the relationship—and no one has any right to insult meagan or elisa because you!!! don’t!!! know them!!!!

ALSO. I can’t presume to ever know anything about their preferences that they haven’t said but Patrick has been pretty vehement in his denial of being anything but straight in the interest of truth which you can see here. as far as we’re concerned his word on that subject is gospel so you best damn believe he doesn’t like dick. 

as far as pete goes i don’t know he’s said anything other than the famous “gay above the waist” thing but i think based on his public dating history it’s very safe to assume that he’s into women and not patrick. “but he always talks about how he loves patrick—” yeah i know. radical right? affectionate people. friends who love each other. i’m a cuddler. i drape myself all over my roommates. i don’t shut up about how fucking awesome my friends are but i don’t wanna lick their titties. calm down. also if you watch this interview it’s pretty clear that the concept of fanfic freaks pete out too. so just don’t!!!!!

on this note i will state here that there is no room on this blog EVER for anyone who hates on ANY significant other had by anyone in the band—or anyone famous whether i care about them or not—because they get in the way of someone’s ship. these are REAL PEOPLE we are talking about. daydream all you want but if you care about them as much as you say you do their happiness is your primary concern. 


Don’t ask Patrick about Peterick. Don’t ask Pete about Peterick. Don’t ask anyone in the band/related to the band about Peterick. They don’t like it. It’s not real. It makes them uncomfortable. Why would anyone think it was okay to ask anyone about something like that. What in the hell is wrong with you. Do you have no concept of how your actions/words affect people. It’s not funny. It’s not cute. Grow up. Let’s just do our thing quietly and respectfully.